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Shoot For The Stars - The majority are looking at much closer targets!!

Written June 19, 2008 at 23:06 MDT Tagged family, general and inspiration

In order to not steal any thunder from the post, the title along details my sentiments about why so many people miss the mark on truly achieving their dreams. If you have not yet started reading his blog, Tim Ferris shares a lot of his own personal experiments with lifestyle tweaks that allow him to live a much "richer" life than most will ever experience.
None of this is out of your reach, and everyone has their own definition of what living a rich life means to them. If you can't say that you are currently living the life you dreamed about, only you can do something about it. I had to ask for God's guidance and be obedient to His direction, as well as take risks that seemed impossible to me to start truly living the life that my wife and I dreamed about when we first got married 12 years ago.
Please take the time to read the post titled Why Bigger Goals = Less Competition, and subscribe to the blog already!!
For those of you who are tuned to this blog hoping to see more technical content, you are going to have to be more patient. As currently I am much more focused on empowering people with respect to their thinking on how to "achieve childhood dreams".
Live and Develop With Passion!!