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Book Review - C# In Depth

Written June 10, 2008 at 16:20 MDT Tagged general

If you are looking for a great in depth dissection of the C# language and in particular C# 3.0 this is an absolute must read. Jon has a demonstrated mastery of the C# language and used this knowledge to disseminate lots of practical pragmatic tips with respect to leveraging C# in your application development.
Jon will take you under the hood of features ranging from generics all the way the expression trees!!
At just over 390 pages, if you devour books, you will be able to work through this one very quickly and be able to start applying a majority of the concepts to help improve the way that you build applications with the .Net framework.
If you know of someone who needs an advanced brush up on their C# skills, I would highly recommend this book as something that they should read!!
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