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Solution Reorganizing (Again!!)

Written May 12, 2008 at 15:20 MDT Tagged programming

I just completed a reorganizing of the solution that I am currently working on. I now have only 2 projects in the solution. I use to have 3 project:

After the reorg that just took place over the last 1 hour it is now:
Thanks to the power of ReSharper and an existing NAnt build file that I was already using to manage the project build/compilation/test ... It took me 40 minutes to do the file shuffling. ReSharper helped out with the namespace changes. 3 lines of xml added to the build script (no other changes required) and I am back in business!!
I love ReSharper!! And yes, I am running the latest nightly build (797) and it has been running amazingly. I currently have Solution Wide Error Analysis turned off, as it seems to slow things down a little.