Get Your Learning On!!

In order to post this out there publicly so that more people can potentially benefit from it, this post contains a set of materials that I use to prepare people who come and attend a Nothin But .Net bootcamp. The materials are as follows:

  • – A list of a lot of good tools that I use on a daily basis.. One of the first things I do in this list is to draw attention to the tool compendium to end them all.
  • developer reading.list.doc – A list of good reading material/exercises that can help get people ramped up with their fundamental developer skillset. Some of the resources that I link to are MIT opencouseware, books, and CodeKata’s.
  • public.course.preparation.doc – If you don’t ever plan on attending a Nothin But .Net bootcamp, you can skip most of the information in the document. Although, the bottom of the document contains a small OO problem that I use as a way to gauge where peoples OO thinking is at.

Instead of getting overwhelmed in the sea of information that is floating around you, you can choose to get in your boat and chart your own path for continuous, maintainable learning that can fuel you for the duration of your career. I feel that some of the resources in the documents above can give you the tools to potentially help you get started on this journey.
Develop With Passion!!