BDD AutoHotKey Script Update - Take 1

Hot on the heels of my announcement about switching to use AutoHotKey, Dave posts an example overhaul that demonstrates just how powerful autohotkey is!! My brain is definitely brimming with ideas on how I can leverage this new tool in the toolbox!!
He has created a script that allows you to toggle BDD naming on/off with the same key sequence. The script also adds a customized tray icon which shows whether the script is currently enabled or not!! This is much better than mine, as you only have to use one keyboard shortcut to do the toggling.
I modified his script slightly as I did not want the TrayTip popping up whenever I switched between modes. I also wanted my toggle to be the CTRL-SHIFT-U keys instead of CTRL-ALT-U.
The following zip file contains the modification:

You can find the original here on Dave’s post.
Thanks for taking the time to improve the script and let me know Dave!!
Develop With Passion!!