So Long BDD Macro - Hello Autohotkey!!!

Well, it has been a good run and the BDD Macro has served its purpose to help me get into the swing with going down the BDD path, but now I find myself wanting a little bit more!!
After a quick email from Dave I thought I would take a quick look at AutoHotKey to see how it could help me accomplish my end result much simpler. Here are the 2 autohotkey scripts that I created to accomplish the end result:

SingleInstance force


SingleInstance force


In my main autohotkey script (which is located in My Documents) I added the following lines of code:
^!u::Run C:\utils\autohotkey\jpscripts\replace_spaces_with_underscores.ahk
^+u::Run C:\utils\autohotkey\jpscripts\spaces_back_to_spaces.ahk
The first line tells autohotkey that whenever the CTRL-ALT-U combination is pressed that it should run the replace_spaces_with_underscores.ahk to enable underscores being placed whenever I hit the space key.
The second line tells autohotkey that whenever the CTRL-SHIFT-U combination is pressed that it should run the spaces_back_to_spaces.ahk to switch the space key back to its normal behavior.
Autohotkey starts up at Windows start up, so I can use these commands no matter which application I am in. I have attached the script files. I also recorded a quick screencast, but I cannot currently upload it to my FTP server (issues). I have a feeling that me and AutoHotKey are going to become fast friends!!

Develop With Passion!!