Toronto Recap

Just flew in yesterday afternoon from an amazing week and a half in Toronto. This was one of the first trips in a while that my wife and I went without the kids! They had a great time hanging out with both sets of Grandparents.
We flew into Toronto last Wednesday (the 14th) and we spent most of the day just walking around Toronto trying to get a feel for the place. This was my first time back to Toronto in 15 years and my wifes first time there ever!!
On Thursday I jumped into DevTeach to give 2 presentations :

  • Applied Domain Driven Design
  • Generics – They’re not just about collections

The feedback from the sessions was awesome, and I got to spend some time catching up with people I have not talked to in a while.
On Friday, I spent the day pair presenting with Scott for the post-con workshop on Behavior Driven Development. I feel like the workshop went well, lots of lessons learned, but each course only gets better!! That same evening my wife and I went to “Medieval Times”!!! I purchased the Royalty package, so we got to sit right in the front row to witness all the action up close. In reality, the seating is laid out so well that you will be able to get a good viewpoint from any part of the arena. It was an absolute blast. The food was amazing, and the presentation itself was fabulous. We have made it a point to now try and see Medieval Times in each location where it is actually delivered (which is only a small set of locations)!!!
Saturday we spent the day walking and shopping. Checking out markets was fun, and eating in restaurants without the kids running around our feet was quite a surreal experience!!
On Sunday the 18th we left our hotel room at 8:00AM in the morning to go and spend the day taking a guided tour of Niagara Falls. This was definitely an unforgettable experience. Taking part in the Maid of the Mist tour is a memory that I am sure will be etched into both of our minds forever. We also got to spend a little bit of time checking out Clifton Hills, which had lots of fun amusement rides and shops!! The day finished off with a guided wine tasting at a local vineyard.
The week of the 19th was an extremely busy week, as I was delivering another Nothin But .Net Course at the Marriott Bloor Yorkville!! It was myself and 11 other attendees, and the week was an absolute blast. The amount of information that we managed to cover was staggering and I am sure that everyone involved had a great time!! One of the highlights of the week was when my wife came in and presented the class with T – Shirts that said the following on the front:
“I survived Jean-Paul Boodhoo’s .Net Bootcamp!!!”
Going forward, we are going to absolutely have to make sure that everyone gets a T-Shirt!!
We are now back in Calgary, we have been reunited with the kids, and I have a couple of weeks of heads down crazy codin to do before the next course in Vancouver.
God Bless and,
Develop With Passion!!