What Do I Get From It?

I just received a question from someone who asked:
“What do I get if I register for a Nothin But .Net course?
This is definitely something that I have not really spent a lot of time discussing, and most often people are made fully aware of the “take away’s” upon actually attending. So for the sake of trying to adhere to the DRY principle, I will state it here and hope that people interested will see the value add.
When you register for a Nothin But .Net Course you receive the following:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, And Supper for the entire 5 days of the course (the only meal missed is breakfast on the first day).
    • I have tried catered meals in some courses, but it most usually ends up being lunches where we walk to a nearby restaurant to get a bit of fresh air and engage in some good conversation. Once of the things I try to encourage attendees to do is to spend time each meal chatting with someone they have not met yet. One of the big values of coming to any form of public training course is from learning from more than just the instructor. There is no better way to do this than through conversation that happens in the rare “downtime”!!

  • $70 Amazon E-Gift Card
    • This can be redeemed for any book that you wish to purchase. I usually make a point of mentioning several resources during the course of the week, and often point people at my listmania list for ideas around book purchases.

  • ReSharper 4.0 Full License
    • Since I personally make extensive use of ReSharper on a day to day basis, I can’t have people leave the class without a license. If they happen to have a copy of ReSharper already, they will receive an additional $70 Amazon gift credit for a total of $140 to spend at amazon.

  • Screencasts of all the material developed through the week
    • Because of the fast nature of the course and the vast amount of information attempted to be covered, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. The screencasts can be used as a tool to replay back portions of the course at your leisure anytime after the course is complete. I have talked to past students who have watched the screencasts several times over the course of the year following the course. These screencasts are completely unedited (minus a splash logo for my company) and often include the rants, and motivational talks I try to intersperse throughout the week!!

  • All Digital Media
    • This pretty much means the entire subversion repository that is created and added to over the course of the week. On the last day I create a subversion dump file of the entire repository. That way you can recreate the repository on your own machine and see diffs all the way back to the version of the code we started with at the beginning of the week.

  • Real World Experience
    • As I am first and foremost a developer, the techniques and strategies that I bring to the table in each course are constantly evolving. This is also why no two Nothin But .Net courses are the same. I will never show you how to do something if I would not personally code that way on my own projects.

  • Inspiration and Motivation
    • IMHO this is what past students tell me sets this course in a field of its own. I am truly passionate about development, but that passion pales in comparison for my desire to help other people to succeed. This course reflects a lot of my own life lessons with respect to how to pursue a meaningful career as a software developer and how to motivate and inspire the people that you work with to strive for more.

I hope this clears this up. And I hope to see you soon at an upcoming Nothin But .Net Course!!

Develop With Passion!!