New Horizons

Well, I have been pretty quiet on this blog for the last little while, so I thought I would take some time to share a little about what the Boodhoo family has been upto.
We just recently decided to give away the majority of our material possessions, sell our house and embark on a completely new adventure. That adventure entails us moving to Austin!! Over the last year my family and I have fell in love with the Austin area. The people are friendly, the weather is amazing, and there seems to be no shortage of work for software developers.
“Why in the world did you give away all of your stuff?” is the question I am sure that a lot of people are asking. When we talk to people about this, we let them know that we really felt strongly that the Lord was directing us to bless our family and friends with the blessings he had provided us with. The response has been more amazing than we could have imagined, and we know that God used us to impact them in ways we could not have thought about. It also helped us as a family to live what we speak and demonstrate that we are not bound/defined by what we have. The kids are learning amazing lessons about what is truly “valuable” during this process.
For the last week my family and I have been living out of a hotel, swimming almost every day and enjoying spending a lot of time together. The kids are having an absolute blast. Next week we are going to be in Austin to do some house hunting, I will be doing the majority of the browsing this weekend as I will be leading another Nothin But .Net Bootcamp.
We are extremely excited about the opportunities that the Lord has in store for us, and we bravely step out of the land of “Familiar” in order to pursue our “Big Dream” (if you are curious about those terms, pick up a copy of the book “The Dream Giver”).
What does the future hold for us? One day at a time, we are going to find out!!