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Calgary .Net User Group Generics Presentation Material

Written March 04, 2008 at 02:23 MST Tagged c sharp and presentations

Last week I had the honor of presenting at the Calgary .Net User group on the topic of Generics in .Net. In retrospect, I think the fact that I was leveraging vs2008, and C# 3.5 potentially clouded focus on raw generics.
Nonetheless, there was lots of good discussion, and a lot of concepts were able to get demonstrated. Among the nuggets that were started:

All code was created on the fly during the presentation, and 3 blesses attendees were able to walk away with a copy of ReSharper.
As a side note, my speaking schedule is starting to fill up for the year, if you think your user group would be interested in having me out to do a presentation; please do not hesitate to contact me at: jp@developwithpassion.com.
The code for the presentation is available here. None of the 3rd party libraries are present in the download, if you actually want to run the code you will have to go and download the tools specified in the following folders:
To extract the rar file you can use 7Zip (I am sure there are lots of others).
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