Nothin but Agile Project Management - March 3rd-6th (Calgary,AB)

After lots of months of planning discussions and idea tennis; I am pleased and proud to announce my good friend Jonathan Rasmusson has come on board the Nothin But * Training banner. He comes armed with his own Agile Project Management training course that I am positive is going to take the market by storm.
People who know me are aware of the fact that I am very picky about the people that I choose to work and collaborate with. I need to ensure that the training delivered to people who engage and the Nothin But * brand is of the highest quality, taught by active practitioners in the field. Having worked with Jonathan on projects in the past, I can personally attest to his level of excellence in the arena of Agile Project Management.
If there was ever a time that you though you needed to get an idea for what it truly means to run an agile project, March will be a good time to check out the beauty of Calgary whilst immersing yourself in what will definitely be an amazing week of agile deep diving!!
The course registration link can be found here. The description of the course is as follows:
As more companies introduce elements of agile delivery practices into their organizations, it is imperative that leaders be knowledgeable and informed on their effective application.
Whether you are new to agile, or just looking to improve, this intensive 4 day course is specifically designed to give you the hands on training required to successfully manage and deliver agile projects within your organization.
Core Concepts Overview
Agile Intro

  • Agile in a nutshell
  • Agile’s roots and history
    • Where did agile come from?
    • What makes agile different?
    • How does agile compare with traditional forms of delivery?
  • Principles behind the practices
    • What are the principles that underpin the practices?

Agile Project Inception
  • How to setup your project for success
    • How to start your first agile project.
    • 10 things to do before starting any project.
    • How to make sure everyone is on the bus.

Agile Project Execution
  • Fundamentals on agile project execution
    • Role and responsibilities
    • Team practices
    • Iteration/Release Planning
  • Building the first plan
    • Story gathering
    • Estimation/Prioritization
  • Iteration mechanics
    • Analysis/Development/Test
    • Communication & Collaboration
  • Tracking
    • How and what to track?
    • Big visible charts
    • Effective status reports
    • Continuous improvements through retrospectives

Agile Project Wrap-up
  • Transitioning to support
  • Documentation
  • Agile myths

Course Pre-Requisites
  • A positive attitude
  • A willingness to share, learn and grow
  • Ability to play games and have fun

About the teacher : Jonathan Rasmusson
As an active participant in the Agile community since 2000, Jonathan has extensive experience as a developer, architect, and project manager on the application and execution of Agile projects.
With experience introducing agile practices at Fortune 500’s (British Petroleum and Microsoft), to startups (Cambrian House), Jonathan is uniquely qualified to help those interested in learning how to successfully setup and execute agile projects. As a former agile evangelist at ThoughtWorks, Jonathan travelled extensively helping companies introduce and apply agile delivery techniques to their unique situations.


$2000 USD

This includes:

  • all printed media
  • lunches / coffee
  • and 4 days of intense learning and growth

Course Registration

  • The course registration link can be found here

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at