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Written January 14, 2008 at 13:37 MST Tagged training

With the requests coming in, and not having enough dedicated time to get the production training site up and running quickly, I thought I would point people to a location where they will be able to see all of the courses that are upcoming for the 2008 year.

This list will continue to update over the course of the year.

I am personally excited to introduce the following (confirmed) new courses for the 2008 year:

Some other trainers that have committed to delivering courses as early as this year are:

The goal of this training outfit is to deliver practical, hands on training that is delivered by seasoned experts who are active practitioners in the field.

If you are interested in having any of the training offerings delivered on-site at your company, please contact me and we can begin discussions as to how to make it happen.

[Keep posted to the schedule (feed coming soon!!)](http://www.developwithpassion.com/training/CourseSchedule.aspx) Develop With Passion!!