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Nothin But C# v3.5 with the Igloo Coder - Edmonton, AB (March 31st - April 4th)

Written January 30, 2008 at 15:31 MST Tagged c sharp and training

Another awesome course is entering the lineup for the March timeframe also. Unlike Wendy's kick butt WPF course which is occuring in New York in the month of March, this course will be a Canuck affair, to be held in the winter wonderland of Edmonton!!

Donald Belcham (aka. Igloo Coder) will be the instructor for the course, and he has a crazy week lined up for the people interested in stepping up for the challenge.

You can register for the course here. Sign up quick, as seating is limited. Here is a description of the course:


Nothin' But C# v3.5 is a 5 day boot camp styled course that provides in depth training in the new language features in version 3.5 of the .Net Framework. Attendees will work with the new features in this version of the Framework to gain an understanding of their operation at a very deep level and aid them in the pragmatic implementation of these tools in their daily development.

While learning to use the new features of .Net v3.5, the students will also be introduced to foundational object oriented programming techniques. They will learn both how to implement these techniques as well as understanding the benefits that they offer.

By the end of the course you will have knowledge of the new features at a very detailed level. You will understand the concepts behind their existence, the limitations that they have and how you can use them to write better code in real applications. None of the concepts will be taught using wizards, drag and drop or templates. Attendees will be learning how to implement these language features combined with OO best practices and using techniques such as TDD.

Attendees should have a good understanding of programming in .Net and OO practices. This is not an introductory course for learning to program with .Net.

Core Concepts Overview

Detailed Topic Coverage Breakdown

· New Language Features

o Simple Properties

o Anonymous Constructors

o Anonymous Types

o DateTime2

o TimeZoneInfo

o HashSet

o Active Directory Integration

o Diagnostics

o Cross Framework compatibility

· Extension Methods

o Using with primitive types

o Using with complex types

o Using with enumerations

o Using to build fluent interfaces

o How they are interpreted by the compiler

o Dangers and code smells

· Lambda Expressions

o Refresher on Delegates

o Refresher on Anonymous Delegates

o Refresher on Predicates

o Learn the syntax

o Replacing Anonymous Delegates with Lambdas

o How are they interpreted by the compiler

· Linq

o Linq fundamentals

o How is Linq interpreted by the compiler

o Linq to SQL

o Linq to XML

o Linq to Objects

o Linq to Dataset

o Linq and performance

· UI Components

o ListView control

o DataPager control


o MVC fundamentals

o Writing Views

o Routing

o Plugging in Inversion of Control containers

o Testability

· Object Oriented Foundations

o Single Responsibility Principle

o Separation of Concerns

o Design by Contract

o Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control

o Design Patterns

Target Audience

This is an intermediate level course that will prepare developers to work with the release of the .Net 3.5 framework. Attendees should have a working knowledge of .Net and knowledge of the following

Intended Outcomes

Once attendees have completed this course they should have a strong, practical understanding of the following:

About The Coordinator

Donald Belcham is a software developer with a strong focus on .NET development platforms. He has been building application with .NET since the release of version 1.1 of the framework. More recently Donald has become very active in the developer community as the President of the Edmonton .NET User Group. The combination of that role and a passion for bettering the skills of any software developer, Donald has become a regular speaker at User Groups, Code Camps and conferences across North America. He advocates and speaks on the creation of a solid set of foundational object oriented skills and understandings that can then be used with any of the many appropriate tools. These activities and beliefs have garnered Donald a Microsoft MVP award in C#. Donald can be reached at donald.belcham@igloocoder.com and via phone at 780.974.5860. He welcomes open and frank conversations on different development techniques at his website www.igloocoder.com Once again, you can register for the course [here](http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaID=151913). If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at [jp@developwithpassion.com](mailto:jp@developwithpassion.com)