Happy New Year

A new year has sprung up and I am fired up to help people ‘Develop with Passion’ for the 2008 year.

The blogging front is going to be fairly quiet for me for the first part of the month. With a combination of client deadlines and a private training course I am going to be pretty busy.

This year looks to be a year of exciting challenges and adventures for my company and in particular the Nothin But * Series of courses.

I am happy to announce that already this year 3 new courses are going to be introduced into the mix that are delivered by people other than myself.

The 3 new course offerings are:

  • Nothin But WPF - Presented By [Wendy Friedlander](http://wundasworld.blogspot.com/)
  • Nothin But Agile Project Management - Presented By Jonathan Rasmusson
  • Nothin But .Net v3.5 - [Presented By Donald Belcham](http://www.igloocoder.com/)

More information will be coming on these courses in the following little while (within the week) as 2 of the courses are going to be running in the March timeframe.

As far as training goes for myself, I am going to continue delivering the Nothin But .Net series of deep dive bootcamps over the course of the year, coupled with maintaining my 3 weeks of consulting a month.

I am looking forward to another amazing set of opportunities to be used by the Lord to bless people, and help them progress along the path of being a ‘software artist’.

I have some pretty big ‘Pie in the sky’ ideas for this year that I won’t share at this time, keep posted as I am really excited about one of them in particular.

I pray that God Blesses you with an amazing 2008 year and remember:

Develop With Passion!!