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VS2008 - Bringing Attention To An Issue

Written November 22, 2007 at 22:00 MST Tagged tools

Well, today I installed VS2008 on my machine. Setup went great and completed with no errors.

This was a fresh install on a machine that had no prior beta bits installed whatsoever. So I did not anticipate anything weird happening.

Fired up VS2008 for the first time and it went through its normal first time setup deal. So there I was, in a blank IDE with my C# RSS Feed showing from the help page.

I go to add a new project and I'm presented with this wonderful dialog:

Ok.... So I try a few (lot) more menu items and the same thing happens. So, I think to myself, just exercise the standard Windows remedy. Get out, get back in, and see if it is better!!

I would do that, if I could exit Studio!! Even hitting the big red x in the top right corner of VS2008 pops up this dialog. The only way to shut this down is to kill the devenv process.

I am currently running XP with SP2 and an existing installation of VS2005. Again, let me stress that I have not installed any beta bits of VS2008.

After un installing and reinstalling to no success (same result) I quickly googled. I happened to stumble into an MSDN forum where people are having the same issue and are also not sure how to go about resolving it.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? How did you fix it?