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Reflecting on an amazing week (People over process)

Written November 15, 2007 at 13:11 MST Tagged general and training

Last week was without question the most amazing iteration of my Nothin But .Net course that I have had the blessing of delivering.

What made last week so different than all the other times that I have taught the course? The level of interaction and knowledge sharing that was happening between all of the people who came to attend.

People truly were able to let go of any facades that they were holding onto and were able to truly help each other through what was (I feel) a turning point for many people with respect to both their outlook on life and their careers.

One of the high points for me was when we had taken a supper break at a local Wendys. I was standing in line getting ready to pay, I looked out into the restaurant and every single person was sitting with someone who they did not work with. Keep in mind, that there were several companies who attended this course (one company had 5 people in attendance). This further solidified in my mind that people were truly there to share their own experiences with trying to get into this 'Alt.Net' world. I was just the vessel to allow the communication to start. Once people got talking, I got to bask in the glow of the results of the amazingly high levels of interaction that happened.

One of the other things that I started doing last week was the pairing hotseat. If someone did not want to just watch me type, and they felt that they could 'make the test pass', they were welcome to come up into the pairing hotseat and take a stab at getting the test to pass. If they took too long, they were booted out, and somebody else took their place. Because of the comfort level in the room, with no-one needing to prove that they knew more or less than they did, it made for a very fluid experience.

I know that I said that I would no longer post about this kind of stuff on my blog, but you know what, I have to post about it. For this season in my life, this course and the impact that I have been able to have on both the professional and personal lives of people that I come in contact with is something that I know has been a direct blessing from the Lord.

A quote that I just received from a recent attendee sums it up very nicely:

'Reading other's comments about the course being a career and life changing event may sound 'mushy' and exaggerated at the very least, but until someone attends JP's 'Nothing but ...' course they will not realize that it may in fact be true'

I wake up each day and thank God for this opportunity and this season. I don't know if I will be still doing this type of training a year from now, but during this season I am going to deliver 110% of myself when I am engaged in these training sessions so that I can hopefully continue to have a powerful impact on the lives of people that I encounter.