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Amendment - Nothin But .Net, College Station Texas

Written November 16, 2007 at 08:35 MST Tagged training

I made an error when I posted about the course I will be holding in College Station yesterday. The course that I am going to be offering in college station is a new course that I am delivering titled Nothin But .Net Fundamentals. This course is radically different than my Nothin But .Net course in that it is specifically targeted at people who are new to .Net development or who consider themselves at beginner level.

One of the consistent pieces of feedback I have received from my courses this last year is the apparent firehose effect that comes from me not clearly specifying the prerequisites. In the case for the fundamentals class, there is only one prerequisite:

That's right. That is the only requirement. As you can imagine, the class and the content that is covered varies greatly from the Nothin But .Net course, where I drill into topics like :

The fundamentals course is strictly about getting people comfortable developing using the .Net framework as a tool in their toolkit.

I had to post this, in the event that people might sign up for the course accidentally thinking that it was going to be like the other courses I have delivered this past year, and that is not the case.

Please re-read the post that I made (which has now been updated with the correct information) so that you can better understand how this course differs from the original Nothin But .Net course.

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