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Alternative To ALT-INS For ReSharper Junkies

Written November 25, 2007 at 14:23 MST Tagged general

Everyone who knows me knows what a big keyboard junkie I am. When I am typing on my MacBook keyboard and not my natural (or datahand). There is not Insert key that I can use when in ReSharper.

I know that there are utilities to remap keys to emulate the insert key, but I am not going to get into those.

Here is the keyboard sequence to get to the Generate Code dialog (normally accessed by pressing ALT-INS):

ALT - R - C - G

Now here is the funny thing. After just using this sequence for a couple of hours I find it much faster than ALT-INS. I think this is because even though there are more keys to hit, the flight path of my hands on the natural keyboard is greatly decreased because I don't have to move my right hand off home row. When I want to hit the insert key on my natural keyboard I have to move my right hand (this could also be due to poor keyboard technique on my part).

Nonetheless, the nice thing about this sequence is now I am using the exact same key sequence when I am on my natural keyboard and my macbook pro keyboard!!

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