Stop Reading - Start Doing

I had to laugh when I read ‘TDD Ain’t No Snowboarding from Alessandro Burrato. It is a direct counter to my TDD is Like Snowboarding post!!

His experience of TDD is very different than the experience I documented based off of my experience introducing it to clients. And I feel that his recollection of the experience is definitely one that I would like to see more in the clients that I engage and the people that I talk to

He makes one very good point that I can’t stress enough to people who spend their days reading blogs about the great stuff that people are doing, to quote him:

‘If, and only if, you stop seeking pre-cooked answers from those who already tried it and start friggin’ DOING something.’

At one point or another, practical knowledge of a topic far outweighs any theories you may have built up in your head!!

Nice post Alessandro.