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Nothin But .Net - London, UK (September 10-14) - Last Call!!

Written August 24, 2007 at 02:13 MDT Tagged training

The time for registration is fast coming to a close and there are only 4 spots left!! I was a little worried that there were not going to be enough people when literally overnight the attendance jumped!!. So if you want to immerse yourself in an intense and highly challenging week of coding frenzy; sign up for what could potentially be a career transforming week. I could try and describe the week for you, but the words of Kyle Baley sum it up better than I ever could try (thanks Kyle for such a creative and memorable feedback dialog!!):

I'd heard of the movie, Nothin' But .NET, from many people and director/writer/star, JP Boodhoo, was known to me peripherally but I had yet to see any of his work. So it was with some anticipation and more than a little apprehension that I found my seat in the theatre.

Any trepidation that the film wouldn't live up to its hype was quickly quashed in the opening scene where the audience is thrust right into the action in a pace that rarely lets up during the entire running time. After a quick exposition of characters, each with recognizable names, such as Collection, Unit Test, Generics, and the enigmatic Event Aggregator, the viewer is thrown into a plot so deliciously dense, it's all one can do to make it through a screening with your senses intact. Not since Hitchcock's Vertigo has this reviewer felt so blissfully dizzy.

The script bombards you with story point after story point, each building logically from the last until a thrilling climax that almost appears as if the director is riffing off the top of his head. Experience movie-goers clearly recognize characters they've seen before in other movies. Memorable faces like Visitor, Decorator, and Proxy, that, like Tarantino, Boodhoo paints in a fresh way that makes it seem like you are looking at them for the first time. Indeed, he takes them to places few would have considered but in retrospect, you wonder how they could be used any other way.

In summary, this is a labour of love by a filmmaker at the top of his game. Initially, one wonders how Boodhoo can keep up the frenetic pace he sets in the opening. But with a firm grasp of the characters, a keen eye for improvisation, an energy unsurpassed in the industry, and above all, a passion for what he does, Boodhoo clearly has a winner that rises above the pack. If you have a team of 4 people who would be interested in attending then feel free to contact me directly for a discounted rate. All attendees will receive:

You will need to bring your own laptops to the course. A VMWare image will be provided to all students who do not have the necessary software on their machine. You can register [here](http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaID=137387). Develop With Passion!!