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Nothin But * Courses Coming Your Way

Written July 16, 2007 at 16:56 MDT Tagged agile, c sharp and training

This year has been an awesome year for allowing me to venture into the training arena. Although I am not a full time trainer (nor do I ever intend to be), I have greatly enjoyed taking a week out of my schedule once a month this year to deliver top tier Agile development training to students all over the US and Canada. For the remainder of the year I will be blessed with the ability to take the course offerings globally with my first course in England scheduled for September.

My focus this year has been on delivering - Nothin But .Net. An intense 5 day course that stretches people to think outside the box of how they typically program and delve into realms they have potentially not event thought about yet:

I have greatly enjoyed delivering this course, but feel that it is time to throw some other course options into the fray. With that in mind, here are 'some' of the courses that people will be able to request (on demand) for the 2008 calendar year:

It should be noted that not all of these courses are 5 day bootcamps.

This is just a small sample of the offerings, and if your company is in need of training that is focused around a particular application that you are going to be (or are currently) building, all of the courses are completely dynamic and able to adapt very quickly to the needs of the students. I am about a week away from finishing my full blown web site where information on each of the courses will be explained in detail, and where you will also be able to request course offerings that you would like to see.

I am going to be collaborating with people over the next year to offer up a wide group of trainers who all exhibit the values and skills that I would expect of someone able to teach a Nothin But * course. Know that when you engage in one of these courses that your minds will be pushed to the limit for the entire duration of the course.

Being first and foremost a developer, I am still going to be only committed to teaching a course a month so that I can continue to 'sharpen the sword' during the remaining weeks of the month. Leveraging collaborators will allow more people to get exposure to what I feel is pivotal training that can completely change your development career, it will also allow more courses to be offered over the course of the year than what I could offer on my own.

Spread the word, Nothin But * is coming your way!!

***I am fairly excited about these courses as there is a huge need for some de-mystifying around these areas.