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Calgary Open Source Group is founded

Written July 16, 2007 at 17:56 MDT Tagged general

Just got an email from Manoj Khanna informing me that he just completed the creation of the Calgary Open Source Group. The goal for this group (as stated on the site) is simple:

'Calgary Open Source Group (COSG) is a forum that promotes the spread of Open Source Software and Free Software culture in Calgary. Through lively debate/talks, presentations and interactive network events, COSG aims to showcase the potential of open source software development and the impact it may have on software engineering for companies based in the oil city. '

It is too early to tell what impact that this group will have on the Calgary community. Currently I am member number 2!! I am hoping that number will grow over the course of the next couple of months. I am definitely excited about the prospect of increased awareness about the use and application of open source software for more projects being run in the Calgary area (and elsewhere).

This is a time where projects all over the world have realized the benefits at looking at the Alternatives that are being offered by the open source community. People are slowly starting to realize that there actually is less friction involved when looking at many open source offerings compared to their heavyweight counterparts. If nothing else, it is always good to be aware of other options and approaches to tackling the problems that you encounter in your project.

I hope that this group will help fuel some debate among the developers in Calgary who are both for and against Open Source development. As long as defenses do not go up, conversation is one of the quickest ways to expand your mind to possibilities you may not have even thought of!!