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DevTeach, what a fantastic event!!

Written May 21, 2007 at 18:16 MDT Tagged agile, presentations and training

I've been to a lot of conferences. Last week I got the opportunity to both speak and attend DevTeach 2007, in Montreal. I spoke on both refactoring and applying patterns of enterprise application architecture.

Along with presenting, I got to attend and watch awesome content presented by other speakers in the Agile track of the conference. I have to applaud JR and Scott for implementing the addition of an agile track to the conference. Every single one of the sessions was packed, an indication that the topics that were presented are obviously relevant and meaningful to lots of the people attending.

As cool as some of the presentations were, it was the networking that made this event absolutely stellar. Getting to hang out with Roy, Oren, Jeremy, Scott, Udi, Wendy, Oksana, Rod, Donald, Dave, Adam, Greg, Matthew and a whole host of others!! The conversation, arguments, debates, and just mindless chatter was the most fun I have had at a conference, ever!!

There was one evening in particular where the general concensus was that we had all been hit by a bus and were lounging in what must have been programmer heaven (complete with Carl Franklin and company in the background providing the ambient music)!!

Seeing as how the links to the presentation material are not currently working here is the rar file (download WinRar to extract) that contains the material for both of the presentations. I did not get a chance to finish getting through either presentation in both of the sessions, so the code you see is where I left off. I am hoping to screencast both presentations in their entirety so that people can see the end goal for both sessions.

Looking forward to DevTeach Vancouver...that right, its coming!!