One Step Closer to Mouseless Computing

Being that I have been experiencing a bit of discomfort when I type as of late. I thought I would take drastic measures to prevent RSI from becoming an issue. After reading Carl’s post about the DataHand I decided to spend some time online researching the product. After pouring through testimonials, user guides and PDF’s I decided to call the sales department.

I asked to speak to someone who actually used the datahand. It just so happened that the person I was talking to had been using the product since 1998. I grilled her about the mechanics and how friendly it is towards programmers. She even took the time to describe to me how I could perform my refactorings in ReSharper. She also mentioned that she has not used a mouse since adopting the product.

Well that was it. A way to decrease the stress of typing on my arms and wrists while also achieving mouseless computing (physical mouse that is); I was sold.

My DataHand should ship by the 15th of June. At which point I am sure that I am going to be going through a massive un-learning/re-learning of how to type with this, what looks to be, phenomenal device.