DNRTv Series - Demystifying Design Patterns (Source Code and Information)

I have just concluded part 3 of a dnrTV series trying to demonstrate the usage of common design patterns in the context of building a simple employee contact book application.

So far I have been able to cover the following design patterns:

  • Singleton
  • Monostate
  • Strategy
  • Factory
  • Gateway
  • Iterator

I plan to conclude the series by talking about the following remaining design patterns:

  • Command
  • Proxy
  • Decorator
  • Specification

I thought now would be a good time to release the source so far so that people can follow along with the examples/refactorings going forward from this point on.

You can download the source code from here. You can also watch the first 2 episodes at these links:

  • [Part 1](http://www.dnrtv.com/default.aspx?showID=63)
  • [Part 2](http://www.dnrtv.com/default.aspx?showID=65)

The example is being kept simple enough so that people can hopefully grok the application of the design patterns. For any people who are already watching the series, your feedback is greatly appreciated.