It's Comments Like This That Just Make Your Day!!

I have been having a bit of a hectic week. In the midst of the insanity, I just opened up a message in my inbox that was received from a student of a course I just taught in Regina.

As a mentor, there is no greater feeling that when you feel you have truly impacted another person with the knowledge you have shared. Here is what he had to say in the closing comments of the course feedback form:

Nothin But Dot Net was the best rock concert ever. No fancy light shows, dancing girls, pyro or over paid aging rockers. Just gigs of Dot Net agiled in soothing keys of ReSharper.

Too many encores to count! Nothin But Dot Net played longer. And then longer. And then even longer. Guitars were smashed, fans passed out, speakers blew up, the police came and the band even bought the audience pizza.

After sixty hours with only a few spared for sleep, the cover songs started. It was like we were hearing for the very first time what the original artists were trying to say. At times the crowd sang along, other times we stood in humbled awe through blistering solos and soaring ballads. Then the guitar was handed out to each of us and we got to jam with the IAxeMan himself.

Nothin But Dot Net left me fully refactored, wanting more and armed with a clear vision of what to do next. My only disappointment is that I didn’t get into this music sooner.

Wade, thanks so much for taking the time to craft a very touching (to me anyway!!) comment about how this course impacted you.

God Bless.