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Enterprise Patterns Talk - Source and Retrospective

Written January 12, 2007 at 15:44 MST Tagged articles and presentations

This past Wednesday (10th January) I gave my first talk of the year to the Calgary .Net User Group. It was the first of the lunch and learn formats that the group is starting up for the new year. What did this mean? It meant that the usual 1.5 hrs that I am used to was decreased to 1hr. As you can imagine, the pace at which I zipped around was faster than normal. All in all I was pleased with the turnout (almost 70) and felt that lots of good information was shared. The evaluations also showed that ,all in all, most people were pleased with the level and content of the presentation. If you are a member of a Canadian user group (or non-Canadian user group for that matter) and would like to have me give a talk, please contact me at bitwisejp@gmail.com and we can see what can be worked out. Being a member of the MSDN Canada speakers bureau means that Microsoft can offer support in the event that a Canadian user group wants me to give a presentation. I love getting out there, meeting new people, and fielding all sorts of interesting questions. The source code for the presentation is available here (make sure to read the readme file in the root directory if you have questions as to how to get the app running).