Source Code for January 10th Presentation

Just in case my last post was not clear enough (as you had to read to the bottom to see that there was a link to the source code!!) I am reposting a link to the source code for the presentation I gave to the Calgary .Net User Group on Enterprise Design Patterns. The talk quickly turned into a primer on the concepts of Dependency Inversion and Dependency Injection, which in my opinion are great concepts to be familiar with when wanting to tackle enterprise patterns properly. During the course of the presentation I demonstrated how to first create a lightweight interface for an IOC container. I then developed a simple implementation that was then replaced with an implementation bound to the Windsor container which also utilized Binsor (great little tool developed by Oren Eini) for the container configuration. If anyone has any questions about the source please do not hesitate to contact me. One last time the source code is here!!