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November MSDN Mini-Tour Content

Written November 16, 2006 at 23:46 MST Tagged .net 2.0, patterns and presentations

Lots of people ask why I don't usually post my powerpoints and code that I deliver at presentations that I give. For the most part, because of my dynamic and on the fly presentation style, I often show up with no code and build out scenarios on the fly. The resulting code often only makes sense to look at in the context of being an attendee of the presentation. The same can be equally said for my powerpoints. When I actually have slides prepared, they are used as mere launchpads into either conversation or demonstrations of a new concept. That aside, I have had a lot of requests for the content from my first mini tour I conducted as part of the MSDN Canada Speakers bureau. I spoke in Regina, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon on three consecutive nights. The code that resulted from each session was quite different, so I decide to post the code that came out of the last session. The presentation was focused on introducing people to the concept of design patterns. While meant to be a 100 level talk, I definitely threw one 400-500 level example into the mix to spice things up. Here are the links to the content:

Feel free to use the slide deck and accompanying source code if you want to deliver your own presentations built on the material. If you do so, I would definitely appreciate being recognized for the work. If you have any questions I will definitely try to get them answered.