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I forgot my mouse today.....big deal!!

Written November 20, 2006 at 22:17 MST Tagged tools

I love coding, consulting, teaching, and presenting (in that order too!). One of the things I get a big kick out of is giving a presentation and having people remark about how fast I can navigate around windows without the mouse!! I have to admit, I can't take the credit. While I am pretty pleased with my typing speed; it is the small, fast, targeted utilities that allow me to slice through windows like a hot knife through butter. What's my point? I showed up at work today without my mouse ( I have a laptop with a trackpad, how I loathe trackpads) and realized that I was going to have to work the day without the mouse. Aside from the odd tasks that are a bit of a pain to accomplish without a mouse (resizing windows, moving windows etc) I realized that I do not use my mouse much at all anymore. My mouse of choice currently is the Logitech MX Revolution:

The MX is a phenomenal mouse with an extremely small transmitter and rechargeable battery, it also has a wicked free spin mode that allows you to traverse long documents extremely fast.

OK, enough of the advertising, I'll get back to how you can become more effective using the keyboard. I'll highlight some tools and techniques that you can start using today to slowly make yourself more in a less mouse reliant state!!

There are definitely other tips and tricks I could dish out for getting rid (almost) of your mouse, but hopefully this information gives you some ideas to chew on. Happy 'mouseless' computing!!