Hot Off the Press!!

The company that continues to build butt kicking tools for .Net developers has just released version 2 of their insane profiler for .Net applications. DotTrace is my personal unreserved choice for profiling in .Net. With the introduction of version 2 they have added a host of new features the most notable being the addition of memory profiling. If you are an existing license holder, then the price for upgrading is a big “0.00”. That’s right, version 2 is free if you already have a license for version 1. Do these guys know how to license or what? If you haven’t taken the time to give DotTrace a whirl, I encourage you to go and download the latest trial and take it for a spin. While you are there pick up version 1 of UnitRun (if you already have ReSharper, you already have UnitRun).