Another Awesome Speaker Added to MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau

As you can probably tell by the amount of posts I am making today, I have a bit more spare time on my hands than normal!! I am currently in the Saskatoon Inn (in Saskatoon) killing time before I give my last presentation on this small mini tour I have taken part in. I have definitely been relaxing in the down time between presentations. I spent a small bit of time catching up on some blog skimming and I noticed that James Kovacs has been added to the MSDN Canada Speakers bureau. All I have to say is, “what the heck took so long”“”!!! Seriously, this has been a long time coming. James has been presenting in and around Calgary and surrounding areas for quite a while now. His depth of technical knowledge is amazing; and he is a very accomplished eloquent public speaker. Watch for James as he inevitably makes his way around the conference circuit in the future. And if you really want to see what he’s made of contact your local user group and have them bring him in for a presentation. Congratulations James.