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For All You ReSharper Keyboard Junkies

Written October 08, 2006 at 21:56 MDT Tagged tools

This took me a lot longer to figure out than it should have. I try to almost exclusively use the keyboard for a lot of my development tasks (and other tasks in windows). Obviously, when ReSharper came out (oh so long ago) I was thrilled that I could up my productivity in Visual Studio by taking advantage of the wealth of keyboard shortcuts that it offered. For the longest time, one thing bugged me about ReSharper (trust me, it is hard to find something that does with this product). I was sure that you had to use the mouse to close the Unit Test Runner dialog. The standard CTRL - SHIFT - F4, ReSharper shortcut, worked on all of the other ReSharper popup dialogs except the Unit Test Runner dialog. I tried ALT-F4, but that just closed down all of studio.
I emailed the Jetbrains guys and told them that it would be awesome to include a keyboard shortcut that allows you to close the Unit Test Runner dialog without using the mouse. At that time, they informed me that it was something they were going to be looking into. Last Friday, I was coding up a storm and taking advantage of the Unit Test Runner, and I was annoyed that I had to reach for my mouse to close it. I started randomly hitting keys on the keyboard and then all of a sudden a thought popped into my head – “Hit Shift-Esc”. There is nothing in the ReSharper default keymap that suggests that this key sequence does anything. Sure enough, after I ran a test with the unit test runner dialog, Shift-Esc closed it down for me. Again, I am not sure if this has been there the whole time, or if is a new shortcut that has been added to recent releases of the product. Whatever then answer, I am glad I finally found it!!!