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Edmonton Code Camp Closing Thoughts

Written October 02, 2006 at 16:00 MDT Tagged presentations

The family and I got back yesterday evening from Edmonton. We were up there both enjoying the attractions of the West Edmonton Mall, as well as me presenting and attending the first ever Edmonton Code Camp. It was great to see so many people turn up to attend sessions on a Saturday. I feel that if you want to truly excel and grow as a developer you sometimes need to be willing to sacrifice a small amount of personal time every now and then. It was awesome to be joined by fellow Calgarians John Bristowe, James Kovacs, Daniel Carbajal, Terry Thibodeau, and Shary Mudassir. I presented after James Kovacs, who gave an awesome presentation on tools for .Net developers. If you are an independent .Net developer and are looking to complement your developer toolkit, you need to rush over to James' blog, and download the tools that he recommends for developers. I ended up giving a presentation on advanced uses of Generics in .Net 2.0. The problems and solutions were coded up completely on the fly, which made for a pretty interesting presentation. I am glad that people's eyes were opened to the fact that there are a lot of things you can do with Generics aside from collections. A pleasant surprise for me was witnessing the presentation dynamics of Justice Gray and Steven Rockarts. They opened up the day with a presentation on Ruby and .Net interop. They employed a technique that I have not seen used before in a presentation. They pre-recorded their coding sessions, so they could play them back at faster speeds, allowing them to focus on the meat of the content. If you have a user group and are interested in learning about Ruby and .Net interop, you need to get these guys down there. An ex-coworker of mine ,Neil Bourgeois, gave an excellent talk on Refactoring. He accompanied it with an excellent example application that he utilized as the context of applying several refactorings to improve the quality and cohesiveness of the codebase. Aside from some of the questionable people (not attendees) who showed up at the presentation, I had a blast at the ECC. Steven, Donald, and Justice (sorry if I'm forgetting any names) did a fantastic job of coordinating and executing this event. I look forward to what they will have in store for next year.