Screencast - Applied Test Driven Development for Web Applications (Part 3)

Well, it’s been a long time coming, I am finally posting the second video in my applied test driven development for web applications series.
Although this is video number 3, it is really a fresh start that tries to start with less plumbing than was originally present when I started the first video. This was done on purpose. The video has now been revamped to show people how to start working with the Passive View flavour of Model View Presenter. The lack of infrastructure will also allow me the opportunity to show people how TDD will be applied to all layers of the application. At the end of this video you will have a (semi) working Customer management screen. Over the course of the next couple of weeks (I will be consistent this time), we will proceed to drive out the remaining functionality of both the screen itself and the underlying layers required.
You will note that I am still making use of the old Northwind database. If anyone has any ideas for a small application that requires the use of a database, I am all ears. I would much rather build something that may be used (other than for learning), as opposed to the fictitious example that focuses around the Northwind database. Again, feel free to fire your ideas at me, and I can easily change the future video to actually build out the app in mind. You will have to excuse the coughing and sputtering in this video, as I am recovering from a nasty bout of Sinusitis (first ever encounter). Feel free to give me feedback on this video as you see fit!! If you want to run the build on your local machine, make sure you make any necessary changes to the file, and ensure that the folder specified by the database path in your file exists** I will also point out, that I am going to try to release a video at least every 2 weeks. It could be more frequent based on feedback and demand!! Resources