Thanks Again Edmug.Net

Tonight I presented at the Edmonton .Net User Group. Due to a last minute scheduling error (through no fault of the user group), we were left without a room to host the event. That is where the awesome folks from DevStudios stepped up to the plate and provided us with their amazing facilities to host the event. I had never even heard of DevStudios before tonight, and I was completely floored by the setup they have going there. They are currently hiring for Senior Developers, so I you are interested in looking at the Edmonton market, I am sure they would love to talk to you (looks like a great place to work). I talked about Model View Presenter, among other things. I will be the first to attest that I was very much all over the map in this presentation. Another reminder to myself that sometimes I need to tunnel in on the topic I am supposed to be delivering on. The user group was gracious enough to let me ramble on and sometimes squeeze out the odd bit of code. Once again, thank you to the Edmonton .Net User Group for having me out to speak. Thanks to DevStudios for providing us with facilities and equipment for the evening. And thanks to Donald,Tom, and Dave for the after event banter!! Hopefully I’ll be back in a couple of months!!