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Hanselman Updates His Awesome Tools List

Written August 29, 2006 at 09:16 MDT Tagged tools

For those of you who are not aware of Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Developer and Power Tool List for Windows, I strongly encourage you to head over there as quick as possible and see what you have been missing in your developer toolkit. I have been using many of the tools on Scott's list for a long time and they have definitely helped me achieve a greater level of productivity in Windows. The only tool that Scott doesn't mention which I think should absolutely be considered as an alternative to CodeRush is ReSharper. I think that both CodeRush and ReSharper are excellent products. As a heavy proponent/practitioner of Test/Behavior Driven Development I feel that ReSharper works with me a lot more naturally than CodeRush. If you want to see ReSharper in action (in the context of TDD) take a look at Part 1 of my Applied Test Driven Development for Web Applications flash video. Thanks Scott for taking the time to build up and provide this list of tools for the developer/power user community.