Fall Presentation Schedule

In the next couple of months I plan to remain moderately active in the speaking circuit. The following is a list of the places that I plan to deliver presentations in the next little while:

  • Thursday September 28
    • Edmonton .Net User Group, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
      • Topic – To Be Determined
  • Saturday September 30th
    • Edmonton Code Camp, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
      • Topic – Generics : They’re not just about collections
  • Saturday October 14th
    • Tulsa Tech Fest, Tulsa, Oklahoma, US
      • Topic – Refactoring – A Primer
      • Topic – Testing Objects In Isolation – TDD With Mock Objects
      • Topic – Continuous Integration with CruiseControl.Net and NAnt
      • Topic – Test Driven Development With .Net – A Primer
      • Topic – The Model View Presenter design pattern

I am completely pumped to be able to get out there and share practical information with people. If you happen to be at any of these upcoming events feel free to grab me if you have any questions, or if you just want to shoot the breeze!! See you on the road.