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Unlocking Files With Ease

Written June 07, 2006 at 10:27 MDT Tagged tools

How many times are you working on your local copy of the source code and you want to quickly blow away your working copy and get a fresh set of code from your source code repository? Chances are that if you are an ASP.Net developer, there are many times when the inetinfo or ASP.Net processes lock the contents of one of your development folders so you are prevented from deleting all of the files/folders with ease. So what do you normally do? I bet you start bringing up the task manager and killing processes until the folder is able to be deleted. Your time is precious, don't waste it anymore. Unlocker is the utility that you need to install. It runs in the tray and offers many quick ways to unlock files/folders that may have processes that may still have a lock on them. You can follow these steps (taken from the unlocker site) to unlock a file/folder:

It actually gets better though. If you try to delete a folder that has a lock on it, unlocker will automatically pop up and allow you to perform an unlock or a kill process. This short video should demonstrate it well!! Enjoy.