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Automating Your Builds With NAnt - Part 8 (Screenblog) tomorrow

Written June 07, 2006 at 16:04 MDT Tagged agile and presentations

This is a note out for all of the people who have been following along in the NAnt starter series, that tomorrow I will be posting one of the final entries in this series. This episode will be all about getting a Continuous Build environment set up with CruiseControl .Net. Topics that are going to be covered are:

That is a high level overview. As you can imagine, it is a lot of information, too much for me to write about (in a practical amount of time). This is why I am going to do a screencast on my computer that will be made available for everyone to watch. One thing you will want to do is read my Applied Test Driven Development For Web ApplicationsPart1 post and download the sample code as that is what you will need to follow along with the screen cast. I am choosing to use that code base as it will be the code base that will be build upon in the Applied Test Driven Development series, where we will build out a web application (against the adventureworks database) using TDD techniques.

After watching the video you will have a great starting point from which to start practically using CC.Net in your own environment. To save yourself some time I suggest going to download CC.Net from here. You don't need to install it yet, as I will walk through the install process tomorrow!!