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Another Good Question

Written June 24, 2006 at 23:09 MDT Tagged .net 2.0 and c sharp

Geoff Stockham asked a good question on my "Dark Side Of Declaritive Databinding" post. My comments for that post got all messed up so I am reposting the question for everyone to view, along with the answer:

Q:JP, I've just been flicking through the Wrox ASP.NET MVP Hacks book, and one of the sections is about inheriting from the built-in data sources (such as ObjectDataSuurce) to create more specific domain-based data sources. This set me to thinking that this may be a way to get a "best of both worlds" approach of testability and ease of use. I haven't looked into it yet, but wondered if this might be the way you were thinking?

A: Once you start watching the series that I will be posting on applied test driven development, you will see why I have not found a need to take advantage of controls such as the object data source control. I am not discounting it as a viable solution to build apps with; it is just not the solution I go with. A decent MVP implementation coupled with test driven development, usually leads me down a path that diverges quite far from the solution offered by the object data source and the like.