SpeedFiler and Sql Prompt

I have been using SpeedFiler for the last couple of weeks and love the productivity it has provided with regards to managing my email. After reading the Igloo Coder mentioning SQL Prompt, I thought I would download it and give it a whirl. I won’t say no to intellisense for SQL!! It was shortly after this that I started noticing issues with SpeedFiler. I would go to file an item using the CTRL-SHIFT-V shortcut and the standard outlook Move-To dialog would pop up. The same applied for SpeedFilers ‘Go To Folder’ command. I could however, successfully invoke these commands if I explicitly used the SpeedFiler menu items that activated the custom dialogs. I was emailing back and forth with the founder of SpeedFiler (that’s right, he truly stands behind his product) for a little while and he was offering lots of good tips to ensure that I was not messing anything up. It never even dawned on me that SQL Prompt could be the problem. Until, 20 minutes ago I realized that the only thing that differed between my machine configuration of today to yesterday was the installation of SQL Prompt. I fired up the options dialog of SQL Prompt :


By default, SQL Prompt runs ‘Enabled’ in the tray. When I changed the status to ‘Off’, bang, speedfiler worked again like a charm. I mailed Itzy and let him know that this may be an issue to look into. But for now, I’ll know to turn SQL Prompt off, when I’m not doing any DB work.