ReSharper 2.0 Is Officially Here!


Well, it is finally official (I am late with this post, as my blog has been having issues). ReSharper 2.0 is now unleashed for public ‘stable’ consumption. What is ReSharper? In my opinion, one of the most kick-butt tools for code-centric .Net 2.0 developers. The list of features of this product is fantastic, for me the top of the list are :

  • Refactorings (too many to name)
  • Move type to new namespace
  • Code Generation features inline with TDD developers
  • Find Usages - Rocks
  • Go To Type - CTRL -N (start typing and list will filter to match types with name)
  • Go To File - CTRL - SHIFT - N (start typing and list will filter)
  • Integrated unit test runner
  • Live Templates (extremely easy template syntax for creating your own Live templates)
  • File Templates
  • NAnt and MSBuild intellisense

I could go on and on, but the list of features that I use on a given day are too many to mention here. Download the trial and give it a whirl!!