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Suggestions for presentation material

Written April 18, 2006 at 11:29 MDT Tagged presentations

I believe that for presentations to be truly successful they need to focus on material, concepts, and strategies that are meaningful and useful to developers in the real world. With that being said, I am looking for help in choosing material that I should consider presenting at the upcoming Calgary Code Camp. If you are not familiar with the Code Camp, here is a summary of what a code camp is from the Code Camp Manifesto:


  1. By and For the Developer Community

Code Camps are about the developer community at large. They are meant to be a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. Topics are always based on community interest and never determined by anyone other than the community.

  1. Always Free

Code Camps are always free for attendees.

  1. Community Developed Material

The success of the Code Camps is that they are based on community content. All content that is delivered is original. All presentation content must be provided completely (including code) without any restriction. If you have content you don’t want to share or provide to attendees then the Code Camp is not the place for you.

  1. No Fluff – only Code

Code Camps are about showing the code. Refer to rule #1 if you have any questions on this.

  1. Community Ownership

The most important element of the Code Camp is always the developer community. All are welcome to attend and speak and do so without expectation of payment or any other compensation other than their participation in the community.

  1. Never occur during work hours

We need to understand that many times people can’t leave work for a day or two to attend training or even seminars. The beauty of the Code Camp is that they always occur on weekends.


As you can see, the goals for a code camp are pretty straightforward. I think it is a great idea. To maximize the potential for the day there are a lot of topics that I have thought about speaking on, but I thought I would throw this post out there in the hopes that one (or more) of my readers would propose some suggestions for material that they would like to see if they were able to attend. Obviously, if you have seen some of my recent DNRTv episodes (MVP aside), I am a big proponent of agile, and I like to demonstrate the practical applicability of TDD. And I would be welcome to entertain ideas for things people would like to see done in the context of driving out the solution using TDD. Some of my thoughts for presentation material are as follows:

Writing a Basic ORM Layer

Patterns for the Data Access Layer

Validation Strategies

Isolating the Domain Model

Simplifying Logic in the User Interface

Pragmatic AJAX

This is just a quick cursory list. Again though, since this is supposed to be driven by the developer community I would much rather present on something that a majority of people would like to see, as opposed to something that may only be interesting to me. I appreciate any feedback anyone could provide.