Questions About Source Code

I have had numerous people contact me asking to deliver the source code that I used for the DNRTv episodes. Obviously, I am happy to release the source code as my main goal is to share information. To that end, I am going to suggest an alternative to just ‘releasing the source’. I am proposing a series of blogs and or screencasts that will detail building the entire application used on the DNRTv segment from UI to data access. This would allow for full detailed coverage of what is going on under the hood, and could provide for some meaningful discussions etc. This is just an idea that I am throwing around. If the majority would just prefer the source to be released as is, then that is the route I will take. I can only release the source for the 3rd episode of DNRTv as the material from episodes 1 & 2 are part of an upcoming (July hopefully) MSDN article. At which time the source code will be released. If people opt to go with the detail route, we will start with the buildfile and end with the data access layer. That’s right, we’ll use TDD, Mocks, etc to build the application from front to back as opposed to back to front!!