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VS 2005 Compilation Woes

Written December 13, 2005 at 07:33 MST Tagged vs2005

Is it just me or has the speed at which VS2005 compiles applications slowed down dramatically?

When it was in the beta versions I just shrugged it off as being an issue that would be worked on and inevitable fixed by the release version of the product. Several months into a current engagement has proven that the release build of studio has done nothing at all to increase the speed at which the IDE is able to compile.

The team that I currently work on utlizes an agile development process. We write some tests, implement some code, get the tests passing and carry on. Were it not for automated build tools (thank you NAnt) this process would be painstakingly slow.

Now granted, compile speed is relative based on the size of the project right? Fair enough. Needless to say that comparitively sized projects took measurably less time to compile in previous versions of Visual Studio.

Just something to watch out for as you see that solution explorer scrollbar increasing in size!!